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At GiggleWhiz, children, their safety, early learning needs and psychological impacts are of utmost importance. Our curriculum is one that is constantly evolving through continuous research keeping in mind a child's ever growing learning needs. Early learning programs at GiggleWhiz employ a multi-faceted, child-centric approach where fun and play is the natural medium of learning.


We firmly believe that parents play a pivotal part in a child's learning process especially during the early years. Also a parent's active involvement has a definite positive impact on their offspring's achievement. Furthermore working closely with parents enables us to effectively understand the child's needs and care for them even better.


We believe and understand that each child develops at his or her own pace. Teachers observe each child during the sessions and further work on challenging their pace providing ample avenues for stimulation and exploration. Our teacher facilitated methodology encourages each child to expand their thoughts and communicate them effectively.


Our specialized highly interactive environment plays a crucial role in stimulating, engaging and entertaining the kids while enhancing their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional abilities. We offer a supervised platform where children are able to interact with nature and its elements, providing a unique opportunity for them to grow from and with nature.

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